Meaningful relationships

At each Medical & Aged Care Group ho­­me, we welcome wonderful contributions by volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds and interests.We focus on providing volunteers with opportunities to develop positive and meaningful relationships with residents, their families and the staff.

Positive contributions

Our volunteers engage in a range of interactions, activities and events in each home and play a significant role in the daily lives of many residents. Participation can include opportunities to promote wellbeing or provide emotional, social, cultural or spiritual support.Volunteers also contribute their expertise and experience to a range of leisure activities and social events, as well as sharing their talents and knowledge with both staff and residents in each home. Just some of the examples include gardening, café or community outings, creative or restoration projects, musical, language or recreational interests and companionship.

Rewarding experiences

Volunteers are encouraged to contribute their skills and knowledge and are provided with an orientation to the home and information, support and recognition to ensure their experience is meaningful and rewarding.


Volunteering can also offer a potential career path for volunteers seeking employment; providing exposure to a range of roles and workplace experiences within an Aged Care setting.

If you are passionate about contributing and engaging within your community, please contact the Lifestyle team at the MACG home in your local area.

To learn more about an opportunity in your local area, please contact
Jacinta Jarutis our Group Lifestyle Coordinator on 0490 074 982
Or click here to view Volunteer Openings