The Top 3 Benefits Of Staying In An Aged Care Home After A Hospital Visit

What happens to your aged loved one after they’ve been discharged from hospital is a key concern as they may not be ready to care for themselves, especially if they are recovering from a serious medical procedure. Discharge planning should ideally be looked into while your loved one is still in hospital.

The options for where rehabilitation can take place are often a choice between the home or an aged care facility. Key determining questions such as “is there adequate support available” and “is there relevant equipment on hand” are critical to get answered when deciding where your loved one should go to. Staying in an aged care home after a hospital visit is often the best possible solution. Let’s look at some of the more desirable benefits this option offers.

  • Care provided around the clock

Providing round the clock care is a heavy burden for family members who may feel ill-equipped to deal with the medical conditions. An aged care facility is staffed by professional medical personnel including registered nurses and has the resources required to provide the necessary care.

  • Diverse health & lifestyle services

Many aged care facilities offer a range of services to ensure the comfort and well-being of their residents. These services can include nursing support for wound care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy facilities, a community-like caring environment and engaging social activity programs.

  • A home-away-from-home feel

Depending on the facility, residents can bring things from their home into their rooms, such as photo frames and personal belongings, to make the transition more comfortable.

Sometimes moving back into home is not the best option for an aged patient who is discharged from hospital. There may not be a family member to provide much-needed assistance or the home is not designed to accommodate the needs of the loved one. This is when the benefits of an aged care facility are more advantageous. Speak to us at Medical & Aged Care Group to find out more.