New Standards Set For Quality Of Aged Care

The New Standards for Quality Aged Care that come into effect on 1 January 2019 will hail a new era of aged care quality in Australia. These Standards will be overseen by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. Residential care, home care, flexible care, and related services offered under the Commonwealth Home Support Program are all included in the new Standards initiative, and this will have implications on you or a loved one who is either currently in home care or is planning to in the upcoming years. Here’s what has been decided – and what you can expect.

Why Reform?

The idea behind new Standards being created is to promote the needs of aged care residents, and that elderly Australians can take charge of their own care. Deemed the most significant change to the regulation of Australian aged care in 20 years, the new reforms will hold boards and governing bodies of aged care providers accountable for the safety and quality of care of every one of their residents.

The new Quality Of Aged Care Standards cover:

  • Aged consumer dignity and choice
  • Continuous assessment and planning in consultation with consumers
  • Personal care and clinical care
  • Services and support for daily living
  • Organisation service environment
  • Feedback and complaints
  • Human resources
  • Organisational governance

In addition to the above, compliance to each Standard requires:

  • A statement of outcome for the consumer
  • A statement of expectation for the organisation
  • Requirements to demonstrate the standard has been met

These important reforms will encourage higher resident service and support in the aged care industry and drive improvements in the general standard of care offered. It will also help eliminate red tape for both consumers and care facilities.

With the Australian government renewing its dedication to putting the consumer’s needs first, residents and their families can take comfort in the fact that they’ll get the best possible care they need – and more so if they select the perfect aged care provider for their needs.

At MACG, we support and advocate for these standards and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality care for our residents. Want more information about what to expect in aged care? Feel free to get in contact with us.