How To Get The Most Out Of Your Respite Care

As rewarding as caring for an aged person can be, it’s also physically demanding and stressful, whether you’re a family member or a professional carer. As the famous saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup, meaning you need to make sure your ‘cup’ is full first.

It’s crucial that carers also look after themselves and their wellbeing by taking regular breaks from care work. This is when short-term respite care can play a vital role in providing your client or loved one with essential aged care services so that you can relieve stress and recharge.

  • Residential Respite Care Facilities

Respite care offers a person safe and comfortable care around the clock in a residential aged facility for a limited period. To be granted access to respite care, aged patients need to apply for approval by first obtaining an ACAT assessment. The Australian government allows for up to 63 days of short-term care per person per calendar year.

While respite care is a great way to give a carer a break, it also has benefits for patients too. It’s the perfect opportunity to transition back to living more independently after a hospital stay or to test the option of staying in an aged care home permanently in the future. Respite residents can get a taste of the recreational activities offered in a care home as full-time residents. For a period, they can live alongside permanent residents, building connections and enjoying the sense of community.

  • What To Consider When Choosing A Residential Respite Care Facility

The best way to get the most out of your respite care is to carefully consider the aged care home and what services and facilities are on offer, including the following:

  • How convenient is the facility’s location for visits from family and friends and drop-offs and pick-ups?
  • Is the physical environment pleasant and comfortable? Are the activities offered of interest to you?
  • Was the introductory tour or visit satisfactory? Were you confident in the care home’s ability to take care of your needs?

If your carer needs time off for whatever reason, applying for residential respite care is the best way to ensure you’re well looked after and possibly plan your future. For more information on the cost of respite care or how to apply for access, give us a call today.