How do you know if an ageing parent is ready for residential care?

Signs to look out for and how to proceed

The decision to move into an aged care home is not an easy one to make, but for many older Australians, it will be necessary.

When it's one of your parents who needs the extra support and care, it can be challenging to know exactly when and how to proceed. However, the right aged care provider can offer a holistic solution for both families and residents, and help make the transition easier.

At MACG, we are committed to offering aged residential care in a comfortable and safe environment where our residents thrive and can enjoy life to the fullest. For more information, contact us today!

Signs that suggest residential aged care is necessary

Sometimes the decision to look for an aged care home for a relative or friend is clear, other times it is less so.

Residential care may be required suddenly after a change in circumstances, such as illness or hospitalisation. Alternatively, it may be necessary following a sudden loss of support, such as the death of a spouse or as a result of caregiver stress.

However, when an elderly relative experiences a gradual deterioration in physical or mental health, it may be more difficult to decide exactly when they are no longer safe to live independently at home. Here are a number of signs that suggest residential aged care support may be needed:

  • Struggling to manage the activities of daily living
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Eating a poor diet
  • Difficulty mobilising
  • Losing interest in things that were previously important, like hobbies
  • Isolation
  • Confusion
  • Forgetting important things, such as paying bills

For more information about key signs to look for that may require the assistance of an aged care home, read our comprehensive resource.

The process of moving to an aged care home

Once the decision has been made, you’ll want to find the very best residence to suit your loved one—a place where they will thrive and the quality of their life will be enhanced.

Here are a number of important steps you’ll need to follow to secure a place for your relative in the care home of your choice:

  • Have your relative assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)
  • Receive written confirmation of eligibility for residential care and approval to proceed
  • Work out the costings
  • Find a suitable home by visiting a number of care homes
  • Apply for a place in your chosen care home
  • Receive and agree on the terms of the agreement offered by the aged care home

For more information on this process, we have compiled a resource detailing the process of moving into an aged care home.

What to look for when you visit an aged care home

aged care home MelbourneMaking a tour of potential home is essential for finding the best one to suit your loved one. A tour will help you get a ‘feel’ for the surroundings, and what it’s like to live there. The information you gain can also help your relative make the transition more smoothly.

On our tours, we always encourage our visitors to look round our living spaces. We view the bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and dining facilities. We explain the care and support we offer, and about the full range of activities and therapies available, and we invite questions.

It’s important on any tour you make to check that the allied health services often required by elderly people are also available. These allied health services may include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech pathology
  • Podiatry (foot care)
  • Dietitian
  • Wound Consultants
  • Palliative Care
  • Mental Health Teams
  • Dementia Consultants

At each of our aged care homes in Melbourne, our residents also have access to an extensive program of activities. These activities are designed to preserve the dignity, skills, and independence of our residents, and include:

  • Well being programs
  • Morning tea groups
  • Craft groups
  • Games
  • Church services
  • Outdoor activities and trips
  • Horticultural programs
  • Social justice program

Why choose MACG

At MACG, we are committed to providing aged residential care in a warm and friendly environment. If you would like to book a tour of one of our aged care homes in Melbourne or if you would like more information, contact us today.