Celebrating Christmas With A Loved One In Aged Care

Christmas is a time for spending with family. For older Australians spending their first Christmas in an aged care facility, it is important to ensure they feel included in the family Christmas celebrations too. Here are 5 ways facilitate the inclusion of your loved one in aged care in your Christmas plans:

  1. Bring your family member home

Consult with the staff as to what the best ways to spend Christmas with your loved one are. If they feel up to it, you might be able to bring them home with you for the day celebrations.

  1. Enquire about Christmas celebrations being hosted by the facility

If it is not advisable for your loved one to visit you at home, find out what celebratory events will be held at the facility and if family are welcome to join in. Many facilities will host a Christmas lunch for residents, and with unlimited visiting hours, you can choose to celebrate with your loved one at any time of the day.

  1. Decorate your loved one’s room for Christmas

Sprucing up a resident’s room with festive decorations is a great way to bring on Christmas cheer. A small decorated Christmas tree is sure to liven up their mood. Bear in mind that there may be some items that may be prohibited so be sure to check with the staff at the facility beforehand.

  1. Celebrate with traditional family favourite foods

Holidays, including Christmas, are defined by certain foods. Your loved one may have favourite foods they enjoy during this time which you can take into the facility.

  1. Relive good times with a slideshow

A visit down memory lane, reliving the good times is good for the soul. A slideshow of photographs put together or videos of special family occasions has a beneficial effect on the elderly.

A visit during Christmas will be greatly appreciated by your loved one residing in an aged care home, making them feel valued and loved. At Medical & Aged Care Group, we support seniors and their families to ensure our residents receive the quality care they deserve. Contact us to learn more about our aged care facilities in Melbourne.